Malcontents: The Creation

Malcontents: The Creation

The Start

Everything in this world, even the world itself, has a creation point; a singular moment in time that changes the course of its history. Malcontents is no different. This story began in 2018 an hour outside of Atlanta, Georgia in a small town called Macon. Who knew that two soccer players, one from the Queen City Charlotte, North Carolina and one from the fast, flashy streets of  Miami, Florida would meet and forever change the course of what it means to be a Malcontent. Rico Packer and Andrew Anyafo connected at Mercer University and never looked back. It was during their time here that the mutual trials and tribulations they faced shaped their insatiable thirst for greatness, and mindset to be comfortable going against the grain.

The Smiley

So why the smiley? Something usually attributed to happiness or good times. We chose this to represent how we interpret the word ‘malcontent’. Some give the word ‘malcontent’ a negative connotation as someone that isn’t happy or is always complaining; and this just isn’t how we see it. We are happy with ourselves, our friends, our loved ones; what we aren;t happy with is where we are in life. We are always striving to be better than we were yesterday and improve our position. We searched through countless smiles, grins, frowns, and winks to make something that we thought would best represent what it would mean to be a Malcontent. A smirk with an almost evil tone to the face gives off a rebellious look. And rebellious is what we are. We don’t want to go with the flow or be another cubicle at a desk. We want to separate ourselves from the crowd.

The Future

Have you ever heard the phrase “Shoot for the Moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars" ? Yeah, well we’d rather shoot for an entire other galaxy, and land there too. We want to represent the people that can and will do better for themselves in every shape of the way. The people that don’t stop until they get what they search for. Our upcoming collection is full of elements that represent where we have come from but also where we are going and we can’t wait to share them with you.

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